What is the "Lung Sanitizer"?

The Lung Sanitizer is an amazing
discovery THAT WORKS.

The Lung Sanitizer is built to help people
eliminate respiratory lung infections.

How does it work?

The 'Lung Sanitizer' is a hand held device
that nebulizes pure oxygen into your lungs,
and since oxygen kills all bacterial and viral
infections, our powerful patented oxygen
therapy solution is extremely effective.

Who is the Lung Sanitizer for?
For people who are at risk
For people who have lung issues.
For people who  just want to take
extra precautionary measures
How do I use the 'Lung Sanitizer'?

The 'Lung Sanitizer' is a hand held nebulizer
that you fill with our patented 'Lung Sanitizer'
oxygen therapy solution, which is a very
powerful oxidizer, and follow the instructions
down below.


Put your mouth over the nebulizer mouth
piece and inhale slowly, take the mouth
piece away from your mouth, and exhale.
Use for 5 minutes a day.
The purpose of the "Lung Santizer" is to
infuse the lungs with oxygen, and destroy
Do I have to have a respiratory
infection to use it?

No. The lung sanitizer is great
preventative cautionary measure as well,
especially if you have been exposed to
high-risk people or places. It's like using
hand sanitizer, only for your lungs.
Lung Sanitizer